Ornamental plants and interior design

This is the second blog about the story of foliage plants last time.

Our customers’ foliage plants

I would like to explain why Dios Co., ltd. Is putting live houseplants into our foreign customers’ residential properties.

(1) The air in the room becomes clean.
We have installed an air purifying machine in the residences of foreign customers. In my experience, this air purifier is very popular with our customers.
On the other hand, living plants increase oxygen and absorb harmful substances. Living plants are natural air purifiers.

(2) Prevent drying
Living plants are both natural air purifiers and natural humidifiers. In winter in Japan, the air is dry, so foliage plants can create comfortable air with the power of nature.

(3) Forest bath
I enjoy mountain walking as a hobby. Walking in the mountains and breathing in the forest air will make you feel comfortable. My physical condition improves after walking in the mountains. I think it’s because the forest contains some good ingredients. Scientifically, I believe that there must be ingredients in nature that are good for the human body that humanity has not yet elucidated.

(4) Good for human eyes
Most of my foreign customers are stationed in Japan and do hard work at their place of employment.
Green heals the eyestrain of the human eye.

(5) Little happiness
Foreign expats come to Japan for work, not for sightseeing. I think our customers are busy every day in Japan. We want to provide our customers with a relaxing moment in their busy daily lives.

(6) Interior design
At Dios, a professional interior coordinator designs the entire residential condominium.
We believe that having a little green is very important for interior design.

We believe that living plants provide blessings to our customers by nature.