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The masure to counter the Coronavirus in Osaka for foreign residents

By | Life in Japan

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All individual information detail data who are carriers of Coronavirus  in Osaka Prefecture as of May 5.

The above Excel file is all individual information data of all carriers of the Coronavirus in Osaka Prefecture as of May 4 2020.

The total number of carriers is 1,679 persons in Osaka Prefecture now. The above picture is the graphic form which is translated by the results of Excel file.

This is not the secondhand information through mass media, but Osaka Prefecture government investigated the figure and presented for Osaka Prefecture residents.

According to the above Excel file, most dead persons are over 80 years old. The most part of carriers is a light wound.

The Osaka Government’s policy will be different from Japan Government’s policy because  they are different political parties. So those governments will request residents to restrain business and life differently after this. Japan Government says it is until May 31. Osaka Government says until May 15. I think Osaka Government presented more quantitative analysis than Japan Government.

The Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare hints 8 points.

10 8 points from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare←Click here


  1. Partition a room into two parts 
  2. People who have something wrong with his or her body should not take care of carriers. 
  3. Wear a mask 
  4. Wash hands well 
  5. Ventilate a room frequently 
  6. Disinfect parts where hands touch like a door nob, a toilet, a washstand
  7. Wash laundry of  linens and cloths
  8. Shut a garbage tightly and dispose quickly  

The following files are measures to counter the Coronavirus published by Japan Government. Please click on the blue letters.

  1. How to prevent from Coronavirus (Thai language)
  2. Measure to counter Coronavirus (English)
  3. How to wash hands (English)

The following contact 06-6647-0641 is Osaka Government crisis center for Coronavirus

The following contact is Suita City Government crisis center for Coronavirus. Please click the links. 

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(Thai Language / Translation)

For Refenrece: My blog about Humidity

The coronavirus is weak by “Humidity” at 50%

When you go to hospital in Japan, this form may be convenient. Please click the following URL for Thai customers.

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Thai Language to go to hospital in Japan

I would like you to make better use of house cleaning robot.

  1. Please dispose dusts from the dust box
  2. Please set to charge battery

The following file is the contacts of the Public Health Center in Osaka for Coronavirus

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Osaka Health Consulting Center for Coronavirus

Japanese Lease Contract

By | Real Estate

Japanese real estate lease contract is designed for a tenant to be very stronger than an building owner.  Tenants’ legal rights are protected.  This Japanese tenants’ rights are all the more noticeable by contrast with other countries.

Once a tenant makes a lease contract with an owner and move in the property, the owner cannot cancel the lease contract.

To turn a tenant out of the property, an owner must prepare the legal “justifiable reason” why the owner can cancel the lease contract. The “justifiable reason” must meet the qualification prescribed by Japanese tenancy law. However it is extremely difficult to meet the requirements for an owner.

For that reason an owner is concerned about the lease contract and so about 6 months deposit money would be necessary to keep balance between a tenant and an owner.

On the other hand most tenants cannot let money lie idle for many years like the lots of deposit.

Therefore recently “a guarantor company Hosho-Gaisya” is popular with most lease contract in Japan.

Japan is a nation which is under the rule of law as well as other advanced nations.

Even foreign tenant, its right is protected properly by Japanese tenancy law.

If you are a tenant side to make a lease contract in Japan, you are rest assured.

The coronavirus is weak by “Humidity” at 50%

By | Life in Japan, News, Society

Ten years ago there was the outbreak  of SARS coronavirus around the world. Then the researchers published the results of the weak point of the virus, which was “Humidity”

Many new researches began for this COVID-19 and Princeton university and University California Los Angels are researching and published the summary the following two points.

(1) COVID-19 stay for three hours in the air and stay for three days on the surface like plastic materials.

(2) COVID-19 will be inactive by 50% humidity and 22.22℃ temperature

This result means that COVID-19 virus is extremely infectious. On the other hand this virus has a weak point about humidity.

SARS coronavirus was inactivated below 1% in 2 days by 50% humidity. So the same result of research would be expected for COVID-19 virus, too.

It will be good to use a hot shower in the bathroom to make the humidity of bedrooms rise up.

(Photo : Dios Office)

Please enjoy your life in Japan~Discoveries through comparative culture

By | Japan Culture, Life in Japan

(Photo: Mt. Fuji climbing by Masahiro Fukai)

I would like many of foreign expats customers to experience and enjoy life in Japanese culture and society. If you scratch a little deeper you will find Japan is really unique country in the world. International students have interests in Japanese language and culture to some degree. However foreign expats  customers’ purpose is business in Japan. So I am under the impression that foreign expats are not so interested in Japanese culture.

To tell the truth, this always makes me regret very much.

Japan is actually very unique country. Japan is very different from neighbour China and Korea.  There are very many differences between Japan and Europe and US, too.

Geographically Japan is an island which is separated from the Asian continent. This geographical conditions make the dead end where people cannot go through. Therefore people didn’t visit Japan from ancient times before the age of the airplane.

People in Sicily Island of Italy eat a fish dish, though European eat a meat dish. Sicily has a cuisine like people living in the East Asian region.  Sicily also isn’t conveniently accessible. So  culture peculiar to that region has been formed as well as Japan.  Portugal is not an island country, however Portugal has also an unique culture because of its geographical position in Europe.

Japan is extremely unique culture country compared to any other country in the world.

Please try to walk in cities, provinces,  rural communities. It would make you discover invaluable things for your life. It is surely a valuable experience. When you compare your mother country with Japan, Japan will be “the miller“. Then I believe you could obtain a deeper understanding of your own country. If you really don’t like Japan, it is very good. Either, however, will do just fine. For you to understand your country well, please experience Japan.

That’s all I wish for.


Perfect service package exclusive for foreign expats

By | Life in Japan, Real Estate

It must be a real estate company rich in experience for foreign expats’ relocation to Japan. General Japanese real estate agents cannot deal with Internationl expats’ relocation problems because of the language barrier and suchlike. Even if a realtor can speak English, it is not enough. He or she must  have professional skill for international expats. There are many international real estate companies in Tokyo. However the fact is, Dios is the only one company which can provide perfect package service exclusively for foreign expats who work in Japan. 

When Dios Co., Ltd provide perfect service package for expats, Dios is the landlord of your lease contract. Dios is the owner of all furniture and services. That is to say, Dios is your agent, your manager, and your landlord. This service cannot be provided by any other real estate companies in Japan. 

Hotels have a real estate, furniture, and services, but customers have no choice of locations. For example the Ritz Carleton hotel is located only in Nishi Umeda. Customers cannot choose an apartment closer to his or her work place, near kid’s school, or a green environment.  Customers don’t have the freedom to choose a high-rise apartment, a low-rise building, or a detached house with a garden. Dios can provide services like hotels and customers can have many options about locations. 

Our properties are not small like hotels, but large living spaces. So our properties are lower prices than hotels. Our services are more added values for expats, but have price competitiveness. Our more than 20 years experiences, skills and deep affection towards foreign people living in Japan can create these scheme of services. Dios is the only one company in Japan. 




There are disadvantages of big windows.

By | Interior Coordinate, Real Estate

(1)The resistance to earthquake is weak.
A room walled is solider than a room with big windows. A building with floor-level windows has little walls and so the earthquake resistance is weak.

(2)The cost of big windows mounts up.
Windows are more expensive than walls. Big windows costs more than small windows.

(3)Crime prevention is weak.
60% burglars break windows and invade into a house. Especially the floor-level windows in a living room or balcony.

(4)Insulation is bad.
A room with big windows is not well insulated. Summertime is hot and the winter season is cold.

(5)Fuel and lighting is expensive.
Since big windows are not well insulated and airtightness, the air-conditioners consume more power and consequently it comes to be expensive.

(6)The arrangement of furniture is limited.
Big windows make the arrangement of furniture difficult. Walls in a room are better for good interior coordination.

(7)Acoustic insulation comes to be weak.
Big windows make the room’s acoustic insulation weak. A noise outside the house cannot be shut our well.

(8)Privacy protection is weak.
People who live in a house with big windows shall fell someone’s eye from outside. Especially when lights turned on at night, the protection of privacy comes to be weak.


On the other hand, the followings are the merits of big windows.

  • The room is well-lighted
  • The house is well ventilated.
  • People can go in and out through the big windows.
  • Big windows give a sense of spaciousness.

Tokyo Bay area for living

By | 未分類

(Photo: Toyosu area from Tsukada Island)

Tsukuda area was largely developed 30 years ago. Tsukuda area is the pioneer of Tokyo bay area, but this area is still popular region. However other bay areas are showing remarkable growth for exclusive residential areas.  Tokyo bay area means Tsukuda area,

Tsukishima area, Kachidoki area, Harumi area, Toyosu area, and Ariake area. The Olympic village will be constructed in Harumi area. Tokyo bay area is noticeable area where the largest-scale real estate developments are planned.

In Kachidoki area there are MID Tower, SEA Tower, and urbane shops. Harumi Park Tower has brand new beautiful building and lots of green spaces inside the site which are very attractive.

In Toyosu area there is “La La Port”and enough commercial institution. The consideration that will carry weight is that the apartment is close to Subway station or not.

In Kahidoki area there is Subway Oedo line Kachidoki station. However because of the large tower buildings, Kachidoki station looks crowded with people. Nevertheless Kachidoki area is expected to be very attractive town in the future.

In Toyosu area there is Subway Yurakucho line Toyosu station.

In Tsukishima area there are two Sub way lines: Subway Oedo line Tsukishima station and Subway Yurakucho line Tsukishima station.

Tokyo “BTR” (= a bus route) will be opened in Tokyo Bay area because of Tokyo Olympic Game.

However compared to Subway, a bus route does not have so large transport capacity. So Tokyo Bay area near Subway stations is good location for an apartment to live in.

Complex use real estate development

By | Life Style, Real Estate

Photo by Dios : Kachidoki area (MID Towrr and SEA Tower)

“Complex use” is a real estate development that apartments, offices, hotels, shops, and entertainments are combined.  Roppongi Hills is a typical example of “complex use”. “Complex use” is a real estate development to meet the Japanese needs of the time. The key industry of Japan was a manufacturing industry. However now it is the age of the knowledge-information society In the wake of changes of the Japanese industrial structure, the design of apartments and Japanese lifestyle also have undergone change.

Tsukuda area from Hachobori (photo by Dios)

“Complex use” is a real estate development to meet the Japanese needs of the time.  The key industry of Japan was a manufacturing industry. However now it is the age of the knowledge-information society. In the wake of changes of the Japanese industrial structure, the design of apartments and Japanese lifestyle also have undergone change.

To work with a laptop computer at a cool café. Business meeting is not at a dull office, but at a center of town in a pleasant atmosphere. Persons with remarkable talents, the rich, and powerful international business persons will meet at the center of attraction where luxury apartments, shops, and services.  Hereby “Interlayer effect” is produced by “complex use” real estate developments. The mainstream of luxury apartments in Tokyo or Osaka will be “complex use” developments.

A commercial and entertainment complex at Toyosu Island


Osaka Castle Ume Garden Orchard

By | 未分類

The ume blossoms are coming out one by one in the Osaka Castle plum orchard today. The fragrance of plum blossoms is floating about in the garden now.

Ume is one of flowers which typifies Japan and Japanese loved since old times.   

Ume is always used for a matter of congratulation and a glad occasion in Japan.

Ume endure the rigors of winter and the tiny lives are born.

Ume is not gorgeous. It feels simplicity and modesty.

Ume has the language of flowers which are “faithfulness” “devotion” “lofty” and “patience”.

There are ume flowers: red, white, and pink.

The language of flowers (red) is “Grace”

The language of flowers (white) is “Dignity”

The language of flowers (pink) is “Pureness”

When ume mature to fruition, it becomes umeboshi or ume brandy. June in Japan is written by “Ume rain”. June is Japanese rainy season. Please try to put umeboshi in hot water and drink it!  Drinking the hot water will surely help to cure an upset stomach.

Please appreciate the beautiful Japanese flower Ume. Then you could feel Japanese aesthetic sense which came since one thousand years ago in Japan.

Access & Time of flowering 2020

How to deal with natural wood floored

By | 未分類

Natural wood floored like solid natural wood conveys a sense of extravagance and so preferred.However in case it is a rental apartment, natural-wood floored needs to be careful.

  • Fading of floor ~ Avoid direct sunlight

Natural wood floored often fade and loss of color in the sunlight or lighting. Direct sunlight increases the speed changing color. So direct sunlight shall be shut out by a curtain.

Please shut out the sunlight by a curtain to avoid curling, cracking, fading.

  • About a chair and a table

Furniture like a chair and a table should be put some felt. Felt is always better for any future.

  • To be resistant to soiling and stains

If the wood floor gets wet for a long time, it will cause stains, changing color, and cracking. So it is important that the water shall b

  • Around a kitchen and a washstand

The places where water splashes shall be covered by mats.

  • Water condensation

In case wood floor absorbs water by water condensation, it causes stains and flapping of the floor.

  • A foliage plant

A flowerpot for a foliage plant must be put on a receptacle to be stop water from getting wet of the floor.

  • A medicine / a seasoning

In case a medicine or a seasoning is slopped on the floor, they shall be wiped up with a rag which is wrung tightly or soaked with a neutral detergent.

  • Air-conditioners

When heater of air-conditioners are used too many hours continuously, the air in the room could be too dry. Then it causes a crack of the floor. So the air humidity in the room shall be regulated properly.