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The Heart and Soul of Traditional Beliefs

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In Japan, the most extraordinary element is its forests. The Japanese have a long history of cherishing the trees in their forests.

The photo I am sharing was taken in Koyasan, a central monastery of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism located in a forest within the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture. In contrast to European churches located in city centers, the focal point of Japanese faith is nestled in remote forests.

The Japanese believe that forests are sacred, home to divine spirits. Destroying forests is not just an environmental concern, but a breach of spiritual sanctity. There is a strong belief that cutting down forest trees angers the gods and brings curses upon humans.

By 2050, it’s said that all the world’s rainforests might disappear. Humanity cannot survive without the greenery. Thus, halting the destruction of forests is a crucial task for the survival of humankind. Japan’s traditional religious beliefs and the philosophy of forest reverence could play a pivotal role in this rescue mission.

Yet, for the Osaka Expo, there are plans to transplant 1,500 trees to Yumeshima. Considering the sea breeze and the challenges of transplanting grown trees, this seems impractical.

Japan is blessed with magnificent forests. I urge our international visitors to explore not Yumeshima, but the revered and historical forests of Koyasan, Ise Jingu, and many others.

Hearing such news about the Expo, I am left speechless and dismayed at the lack of regard for Japan’s treasured natural heritage.

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Navigating Challenges: The Road to a Successful Osaka Expo

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It’s concerning to hear reports of delays in the preparations for the Osaka Expo, as well as apparent gaps in negotiations between Japan and other countries. The Expo isn’t just a business event; it’s a platform for cultural exchange between Japan and the global community. Delays and missteps not only jeopardize Japan’s international reputation but could also affect future business relationships. It’s essential for all involved to approach this event with empathy and a spirit of cooperation. Let’s remember the Expo’s broader significance as we work towards successful execution. #OsakaExpo #CulturalExchange #InternationalRelations

Efficient Construction Practices: A Lesson from Suita City Project for Expo 2025

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This year, I single-handedly executed a renovation project in Suita City as a skilled carpenter. The project involved restoring 140 square meters of aged flooring to a glossy shine and reviving a damaged Japanese-style alcove using a sander and urethane paint. Despite being a 30-year-old property, it was rented out at a high rate, immediately signed by the first client who viewed it. My solo effort in purchasing materials and undertaking the work significantly reduced the construction costs.

However, I recently heard about the high costs of construction for the Type X pavilions at the Osaka Expo. I believe the reason for this is as follows:

(Worker’s Salary + Material Costs + Contractor’s Margin) x 1.2 (Broker’s Margin)

With five brokers involved, the multiplication factor becomes 2.48 times after repeated application:

1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 ≈ 2.48 times

Additionally, a consumption tax of 1.1 times applies to each of these elements.

Therefore, the construction cost of my Suita City project multiplied by more than ten times equals the construction cost at Yumeshima for the Expo.

Expo 2025 in Osaka is entangled with countless incompetent brokers, not just in construction but also in other sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Eliminating these brokers and appointing skilled coordinators is essential for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in such large-scale projects.

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Yumeshima Tunnel Flooding and Traffic Disruptions: A Safety Concern for Expo 2025 Visitors

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In June 2023, an important safety concern arose for the upcoming Osaka Expo 2025. The tunnel connecting Yumeshima and Sakishima, two artificial islands, is prone to flooding due to linear precipitation bands, leading to frequent traffic closures. This issue needs to be addressed to ensure the safety of all Expo visitors.

(Sankei Newspaper Article Translation)
On June 2, 2023, the Osaka City Office reported that the Yumeshima Tunnel experienced flooding, causing partial lane closures. The time for reopening remains uncertain. According to the Osaka Port Bureau, rainwater and mud flowed into the tunnel, prompting the closure of lanes from Sakishima towards Yumeshima. The lanes from Yumeshima to Sakishima remained open.

Furthermore, the Shin-Kizugawa Bridge, connecting Taisho and Suminoe wards, was also temporarily closed due to flooding from noon on the same day, but reopened around 2 PM.

This development highlights a crucial infrastructure issue that could impact the Osaka Expo 2025, underscoring the need for robust planning and safety measures.

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Expo 2025’s Soaring Costs and the Kishida Administration’s Crisis: A Bureaucratic Backlash Begins

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The collective backlash from Tokyo’s Kasumigaseki bureaucrats against the Kishida administration has begun, marking a critical phase in Japanese politics. Recent media reports revealed an additional burden of 83.7 billion yen for the construction of Expo 2025, a figure previously known to bureaucrats but deliberately withheld from the Kishida government. Even Jimi, the Minister in charge of the Expo, was kept in the dark due to the bureaucrats’ failure to report.

With the plummeting approval ratings of the Kishida administration, bureaucrats have assessed that Kishida lacks the power to manage the situation effectively. As a result, they have decided to release a flood of previously hidden negative information, likely leading to further cost revelations and challenges for the Expo.

This strategy by the bureaucrats, once set in motion, often signals the end of a political regime in Japan. Next year, it’s highly probable that both the Kishida government and Minister Jimi will be utterly overwhelmed by the unfolding Expo scandal, leading to their political downfall.

In the coming year, Japan’s political landscape is poised for rapid and tumultuous changes, creating an increasingly unstable environment around Expo 2025.

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The Vibrant Potential of Expo 2025’s Youth

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As Japan embraces the season of autumn leaves, Kyoto’s foliage stands out in its stunning beauty. I encourage everyone visiting Japan to witness the magnificent autumn colors in Kyoto.

In the midst of this natural splendor, political discussions in Japan, particularly regarding Expo 2025, seem trivial and misplaced in the national parliament. The media and various pundits engage in fruitless debates, missing the mark with both liberal and conservative arguments.

However, amidst these discussions, my recent interactions with some young foreign professionals involved in the Expo pavilions were deeply inspiring. Their logical thinking, earnestness, sincerity, honesty, humility, grace, kindness, charming smiles, impeccable appearance, openness, and striking presence truly impressed me. These remarkable young individuals are a testament to the potential and brilliance that the Expo 2025 brings to Japan, warranting a grand celebration of this event.

These young adults, hailing from diverse backgrounds and nations, embody the essence of diversity. Their presence is a breeding ground for new ideas and perspectives, infusing the Expo with fresh energy and innovative thoughts.

Indeed, the youth possess a unique charm, bringing new ideas and vitality, often offering fresh and innovative perspectives. These young individuals are treasures of humanity, potentially the new leaders of our future generations.

The discussion surrounding Expo 2025 should not just focus on ‘what’ to do, but ‘who’ we are doing it with. It’s about collaborating with these vibrant young minds from around the world, harnessing their potential to create a memorable and impactful Expo.

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Building Challenges at Sakurajima Construction Site vs. Expo 2025 Site

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The photo featured here was taken at my construction site in Sakurajima, where I am working as a carpenter. Purchasing building materials and transporting them to the site is a laborious task. Reducing the distance even by 10 meters significantly eases the burden of carrying heavy loads.

To facilitate this, we try to bring the material-laden trucks as close to the site as possible. As you can see in the photo, there is a wide road in front of my construction site, which is immensely helpful.

Contrastingly, the situation at the Expo venue in Yumeshima is quite different. The roads there are yet to be fully developed. Moreover, essential infrastructure like sewage pipes appears to be still in the process of being laid out. Since sewage pipes are typically buried under the roads, paving cannot commence until this pipework is complete. Transporting heavy construction materials over an unpaved, uneven surface would be extremely challenging.

Therefore, it’s not just construction work that’s lagging behind at Yumeshima but the creation of an environment conducive to construction activities. The lack of proper infrastructure significantly impacts the pace and efficiency of building work, a challenge we fortunately do not face at our well-equipped Sakurajima site.

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A Chronological Perspective on Japan’s Political Situation Related to Expo 2025

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I wish to share a chronological perspective on the political situation in Japan related to Expo 2025.

In 2018, Osaka’s political party, Osaka Ishin no Kai, aimed to attract a casino to Yumeshima and therefore decided to host Expo 2025 there as a prelude to the casino. This plan involved using national funds to develop infrastructures like subways and other facilities for the casino in Yumeshima.

By 2022, the chairman of the Japan Construction Association, Yoichi Miyamoto, pointed out that construction would not be completed in time if things continued as they were. At this point, Osaka Ishin no Kai was fully aware of the issues surrounding the Expo and casino plans.

In April 2023, Osaka Ishin no Kai won a landslide victory in the local elections in Osaka. However, they did not disclose the problems with the Yumeshima plan to voters, instead promoting the success of attracting the Expo. This could be seen as a fraudulent tactic to win the election.

In May 2023, after their electoral victory, Osaka Ishin no Kai sought help from Prime Minister Kishida with the Expo, to which he readily agreed. His reasoning was to ensure that Osaka Ishin no Kai wouldn’t oppose the Liberal Democratic Party during elections or in parliament.

In August 2023, the second Kishida cabinet was formed, and Hanako Jijimi was appointed as the Minister for the Expo. However, she lacked the necessary leadership experience for this role.

Moreover, Prime Minister Kishida’s plan to send a top bureaucrat from the Ministry of Finance to Osaka was not suitable for the actual operation, as finance bureaucrats are accustomed to allocating budgets, not managing operations.

By September 2023, there were reports of blame-shifting between Osaka Ishin no Kai and Prime Minister Kishida. It seems that Kishida might have learned a bit about the issues in Yumeshima.

Prime Minister Kishida’s approval ratings continue to plummet, and his resignation seems only a matter of time.

In conclusion, the political situation in Japan related to Expo 2025 is disappointing. Both the local government of Osaka and the central government of Japan have shown poor management skills and a lack of capability in handling the situation.

As a Japanese citizen, I feel deeply apologetic towards our international guests for this inadequate political reception in Japan. The extent of embarrassment felt over this political failure is beyond words, and I sincerely apologize to all foreign visitors.

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Warmth Amidst the Cold: Reflections Post-Expo Meeting

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The Expo meeting has concluded. The photograph attached was kindly shared by one of our international participants from the Expo pavilion. Today, Osaka experienced a sudden drop in temperature, making it a particularly cold day.

Despite the chilly weather, I felt a heartwarming sense of warmth and camaraderie from our European counterparts. Their kindness and warmth in these colder times were truly appreciated.

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Global Excellence at the Expo: A Morning with Inspiring International Representatives

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This morning, a photograph from the Expo Association captured a memorable moment that I recently had the privilege of experiencing. I met with representatives from various countries responsible for their respective Expo participation.

The impression they left was indelible: each one of them was exceptionally talented, earnest, and an exemplary figure of youth. Their collective brilliance left a lasting mark on me. Despite any potential gaps in our preparations on the Japanese side, I am wholeheartedly convinced that when such outstanding individuals from across the globe come together, pooling their diverse wisdom and insights, we can surely surmount even the most challenging of obstacles.

It’s a powerful reminder of the extraordinary potential that collaborative efforts hold on an international scale. Together, united in our diversity and shared goals, we can pave the way for meaningful progress and solutions.

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