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January 2023

Lease Contract Period in Japan

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Many foreign customers do not correctly understand the “contract period” stated in Japanese lease contracts.

For example, if the contract stipulates that the contract period is two years, many foreign customers believe that they cannot cancel their  lease contract for two years.

But this is a big mistake. If a foreign customer interprets Japanese law in this way, the foreign customer will suffer a great loss in Japan.

In conclusion, you can completely ignore the contract period specified in the Japanese lease contract.

If you want to know the detailed legal structure, please ask me and I will explain the structure, history and reasons of Japanese law in detail why you can ignore the lease period in Japan.



Buy Supermarket Life Fresh Groceries on Amazon

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Did you know that you can buy many household items on Amazon, including fresh groceries from Japanese leading supermarket chain “Life”?

Moreover, it is a service that delivers to your home in just 2 hours.

Since it is a raw food product, if you are not available, the delivery person will return the product to Life without delivering it.

Delivery is only one time. Money will be refunded in the absence of the customer.

Because it’s Amazon, you can convert the language from Japanese to English and other languages.

I think this Amazon and Life service is very convenient.

Japanese people eat a food called ozoni on New Year’s Day. In the cold season, the body is warm and it is very delicious.

Then why not try making ozoni once using Life and Amazon’s services?