Introducing Our New Tree Pruning Service: Expert Care for Your Garden

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When living in a detached house, it is essential to recognize the need for regular garden maintenance. In rental properties, landlords might arrange for garden pruning once a year, but generally, tenants are responsible for maintaining their gardens themselves. Without periodic maintenance, approximately every six months, plants can grow too large, making pruning a more significant and challenging task.

Additionally, as trees grow taller, the work becomes more hazardous, making it difficult for the average person to manage. Larger pruning jobs also involve more extensive branch and leaf disposal, which can be quite burdensome.

At Dios, we have established partnerships with experienced arborists to provide expert garden maintenance services. Proper garden care is not just about the amount of work but also about enhancing the beauty of your garden and trees. The appearance of your garden from the street greatly influences the overall impression of your home.

A well-maintained garden not only boosts the credibility of the home but also affects its real estate value. At Dios, we offer comprehensive advice on garden pruning, gardening, and exterior home improvements in English. For those interested in enjoying home gardening, we can also prepare the soil and create vegetable beds, which is a great activity for health.

Our arborists, with 30 years of experience, will ensure that your garden receives the best care possible. If you have any concerns or issues with your garden, please feel free to consult with us.

We look forward to helping you create and maintain a beautiful, thriving garden. Your satisfaction and the enhancement of your home’s beauty are our top priorities.

Here is our 2024 Business Vision Statement:

Welcoming You to Osaka with Warmth and Care: Dios’ New Cleaning Service Venture

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Dios is a specialized real estate company that has been offering serviced apartments with furniture and cleaning services to foreign residents in Osaka for 30 years. Our dedicated team provides weekly cleaning services for rental apartments, spending three hours each week ensuring your home is spotless.

Our cleaning services include wiping floors and furniture, cleaning water areas such as toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. If bed sheets need changing, we wash them in the washing machine and dry them using the bathroom dryer. Cleaning tools and supplies are regularly purchased and replenished to maintain our high standards.

With 30 years of experience, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in providing top-quality cleaning services. While our primary staff consists of Dios employees, we also partner with external cleaning specialists when needed.

For Expo 2025, approximately 2,000 foreign workers will come to Osaka to work in various pavilions. To accommodate as many of these foreign guests as possible, we are preparing partnerships with major Japanese cleaning service companies.

Dios’ serviced apartment services are highly regarded by our customers, receiving praise as the only world-class service in Osaka. Drawing from our extensive experience, we are confident in our ability to provide excellent service in English to the foreign guests of Expo 2025.

At Dios, our corporate vision is to “provide a warm, compassionate heart.” You can find our Vision Statement here: Vision Statement.

For Expo 2025, we want our staff’s warm and compassionate hearts to shine through, taking care of all housing needs so that our guests can focus entirely on their work at the pavilions. Our goal is for our guests to leave with the thought that coming to Japan was a great decision and that Osaka provided an excellent living environment.

Thank you for your trust and support. We look forward to welcoming you to Osaka with our unparalleled service and heartfelt hospitality.

Warm Regards,
Dios Co., Ltd

The following photos feature our properties, where Dios has designed the furniture and provides cleaning services.