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July 2022

Luxury apartment in Osaka City Center

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Name : Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi Higashi 7F & 8 F


Area : 338.52㎡

Floor Plan : 7F 7LDK +8F 1LDK

Rent : 870000JPY

There is a kitchen on each of the 7th and 8th floors. There is also a key for each. So two households can live together.

In 2022, we invested 50,000,000 yen just for interior work. Therefore, the room is completely new.

You can invite many customers to a party.

It has many features such as barbecue, fitness, theater room, outdoor bathroom, bar counter, meeting room and sauna and luxurious shower room.

There are many bedrooms, so it’s a good idea to make it a luxury share house.

The place is a prime location in Osaka where you can see the signboard of Shinsaibashi Daimaru Department Store.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this property.  Thank you.


Volunteer activities in Sri Lanka

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A few years ago, I went with JAFS (NGO group in Osaka) to Sri Lanka for volunteering.

Japanese company provides wells for drinking water in poor villages in Sri Lanka.

There are many energetic, cheerful and cute children in poor villages.

I felt that they were richer and happier in their daily lives then.


The true value of real estate

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Real estate agents only sell apartment buildings.

However The real value of a house is whether it is comfortable to live in.

For a good home, (1) interior design and (2) cleaning and support management services should be more important.

With The “heart” of service


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Osaka Tenjin Summer Festival is coming soon on July 24, 25 2022.

Unfortunately This year’s fireworks have been canceled due to corona.

However, please come and see this festival, which has been held in Osaka every year for 1000 years.

Fireworks in the world were born in the Edo period in Japan.

During the Edo period, there was no war for 250 years. A very peaceful era lasted a long time in Japan.

In peaceful times, women are more active than men. In other words, in the Edo period, Japanese women were stronger than men.

Women hate war.

Women like beautiful things.

That’s why Japanese women came up with the idea of ​​fireworks during the Edo period in Japan.