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February 2024

Embracing Tradition and Prayers at Osaka’s Historic Abiko Kannon Temple

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This year marks my ‘unlucky year’ in Japanese tradition. Since the beginning of the year, my father fell ill with a heart condition and underwent a pacemaker surgery last week. I believe that my ‘unlucky year’ had its effect on the weakest in my family, my father.

February 3rd is known as ‘Setsubun’ in Japan, a day when people pray for a year free of misfortune.

The ‘Abiko Kannon’ temple in Osaka is famed for its rituals to ward off bad luck. On Setsubun, the temple is bustling with life. Many visit to participate in grand ceremonies, where large fires are set for prayers. It was an empowering experience to see so many priests praying for our well-being.

Founded in 546 AD, this temple boasts a 1425-year history. Although small, the vibrancy of the grand prayer fires, lively giant carps, beautiful pine trees, historic trees symbolizing life, and the dedication of numerous priests were truly impressive.

This temple, not widely known among foreign tourists, offers a unique experience, especially if you’re visiting Osaka in February.

I was able to pray earnestly for my father’s health. It brought great comfort and peace to my heart.

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