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May 2023

Registration for the Supplier List (Service Apartment) for Official Participants

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In the spirit of warmth and respect, we would like to address an important aspect of Expo 2025. The construction and operation of pavilions from various countries will involve the hard work of many international staff members, who will require suitable living accommodations. As such, there is a considerable demand for furnished service apartments.

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market in Osaka, with a specific focus on furnished housing. We will also delve into how the market is responding to the unique needs of international residents. It’s a fascinating intersection of culture, comfort, and practicality, and we are excited to explore this topic with you.

Please join us as we navigate this dynamic landscape, in anticipation of the truly international gathering that is Expo 2025. We are committed to fostering a sense of community and ensuring that all those who join us from abroad feel welcomed and well-accommodated.

Our Vision Statement

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Dear valued customers, partners, and team members,

We are delighted to share a pivotal milestone in the journey of Dios Co., Ltd. – the creation of our Vision Statement.

Our Vision Statement reads:

“Dios aims to provide a warm, compassionate heart to all our customers and stakeholders through meticulous services, powered by our rich experience and expertise.”

In business, while it’s essential to provide products and services, we aim to be a company that offers something even more valuable – a ‘Heart.’ The term ‘Heart’ might seem abstract, and therefore, it must be embodied through specific products, services, and actions. However, we believe our focus should primarily be on the ‘Heart,’ rather than merely on goods or services. It is imperative that all our customers can feel our warm, caring heart through our products and services.

As Dios Co., Ltd. approaches its 30th term, I find myself reflecting on the three decades since I founded the company. In doing so, I have come to realize that some aspects of my past management philosophy were misguided.

In the past, we have provided excellent service to those who had a contract with our company while ignoring those who had chosen to work with other companies. I had believed that this approach was a natural part of business. But now, I have realized that this way of thinking must be eliminated from our future management policies.

Moving forward, Dios Co., Ltd. must offer a warm, compassionate heart to all our customers, all our employees, and all stakeholders, regardless of their contractual relationship with us. This is our Core Value.

As we take this new direction, we deeply appreciate your continued support and look forward to growing together in warmth and compassion.

With warmth,

Masahiro Fukai
Dios Co.,Ltd