The coronavirus is weak by “Humidity” at 50%

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Ten years ago there was the outbreak  of SARS coronavirus around the world. Then the researchers published the results of the weak point of the virus, which was “Humidity”

Many new researches began for this COVID-19 and Princeton university and University California Los Angels are researching and published the summary the following two points.

(1) COVID-19 stay for three hours in the air and stay for three days on the surface like plastic materials.

(2) COVID-19 will be inactive by 50% humidity and 22.22℃ temperature

This result means that COVID-19 virus is extremely infectious. On the other hand this virus has a weak point about humidity.

SARS coronavirus was inactivated below 1% in 2 days by 50% humidity. So the same result of research would be expected for COVID-19 virus, too.

It will be good to use a hot shower in the bathroom to make the humidity of bedrooms rise up.

(Photo : Dios Office)