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May 2020

The masure to counter the Coronavirus in Osaka for foreign residents

By | Life in Japan

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All individual information detail data who are carriers of Coronavirus  in Osaka Prefecture as of May 5.

The above Excel file is all individual information data of all carriers of the Coronavirus in Osaka Prefecture as of May 4 2020.

The total number of carriers is 1,679 persons in Osaka Prefecture now. The above picture is the graphic form which is translated by the results of Excel file.

This is not the secondhand information through mass media, but Osaka Prefecture government investigated the figure and presented for Osaka Prefecture residents.

According to the above Excel file, most dead persons are over 80 years old. The most part of carriers is a light wound.

The Osaka Government’s policy will be different from Japan Government’s policy because  they are different political parties. So those governments will request residents to restrain business and life differently after this. Japan Government says it is until May 31. Osaka Government says until May 15. I think Osaka Government presented more quantitative analysis than Japan Government.

The Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare hints 8 points.

10 8 points from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare←Click here


  1. Partition a room into two parts 
  2. People who have something wrong with his or her body should not take care of carriers. 
  3. Wear a mask 
  4. Wash hands well 
  5. Ventilate a room frequently 
  6. Disinfect parts where hands touch like a door nob, a toilet, a washstand
  7. Wash laundry of  linens and cloths
  8. Shut a garbage tightly and dispose quickly  

The following files are measures to counter the Coronavirus published by Japan Government. Please click on the blue letters.

  1. How to prevent from Coronavirus (Thai language)
  2. Measure to counter Coronavirus (English)
  3. How to wash hands (English)

The following contact 06-6647-0641 is Osaka Government crisis center for Coronavirus

The following contact is Suita City Government crisis center for Coronavirus. Please click the links. 

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(Thai Language / Translation)

For Refenrece: My blog about Humidity

The coronavirus is weak by “Humidity” at 50%

When you go to hospital in Japan, this form may be convenient. Please click the following URL for Thai customers.

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Thai Language to go to hospital in Japan

I would like you to make better use of house cleaning robot.

  1. Please dispose dusts from the dust box
  2. Please set to charge battery

The following file is the contacts of the Public Health Center in Osaka for Coronavirus

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Osaka Health Consulting Center for Coronavirus

Japanese Lease Contract

By | Real Estate

Japanese real estate lease contract is designed for a tenant to be very stronger than an building owner.  Tenants’ legal rights are protected.  This Japanese tenants’ rights are all the more noticeable by contrast with other countries.

Once a tenant makes a lease contract with an owner and move in the property, the owner cannot cancel the lease contract.

To turn a tenant out of the property, an owner must prepare the legal “justifiable reason” why the owner can cancel the lease contract. The “justifiable reason” must meet the qualification prescribed by Japanese tenancy law. However it is extremely difficult to meet the requirements for an owner.

For that reason an owner is concerned about the lease contract and so about 6 months deposit money would be necessary to keep balance between a tenant and an owner.

On the other hand most tenants cannot let money lie idle for many years like the lots of deposit.

Therefore recently “a guarantor company Hosho-Gaisya” is popular with most lease contract in Japan.

Japan is a nation which is under the rule of law as well as other advanced nations.

Even foreign tenant, its right is protected properly by Japanese tenancy law.

If you are a tenant side to make a lease contract in Japan, you are rest assured.