Vision Statement 2024 at Dios Co., Ltd.

By 22/05/2024Vision

At Dios Co., Ltd., we are proud to announce our Vision Statement for 2024.

This vision represents the collective goal of all Dios staff and the overarching management objective of our company. It is not just the vision of our CEO but a shared commitment of our entire team, guiding us in our work.

Commitment to Foreign Residents in Osaka: At Dios, we are dedicated to providing a warm and compassionate heart to our foreign customers living in Osaka. We believe that high technical skills and a warm, compassionate heart must coexist.

Expertise and Experience: With thirty years of experience specializing in services for foreigners in Osaka, we have honed our skills in English proficiency, property information management, legal knowledge, contract management, negotiation, accounting, interior design, furniture storage, logistics, property cleaning, property renovation, repair techniques, and housing aesthetics.

Customer Satisfaction: Our ultimate goal is for our customers to leave Japan saying, “I’m glad I came to Japan,” “The living environment in Japan was wonderful,” and “The Japanese people are kind; I will never forget Japan.” To achieve this, our staff is passionately dedicated to their work, always keeping in mind the importance of providing a warm and compassionate heart.

We aim to positively impact our customers’ lives, making their experience in Japan a lifelong memory and showcasing the wonderful nature of Japanese hospitality.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to walking this journey together.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Masahiro Fukai
Dios Co., Ltd.