Reflecting on the Visionary Efforts of Kochi’s Governor During the 1947 Nankai Trough Earthquake

By 13/01/2024未分類

In these three photographs, you can witness a historical moment from the 1947 Nankai Trough earthquake, captured in a film produced by Naomi Nishimura, the then-governor of Kochi Prefecture in Japan.

The inscription in Japanese reads, “This film was produced to prepare for a disaster expected to occur about 100 years later. Governor of Kochi Prefecture, Naomi Nishimura 1974 March.”

I believe that Governor Nishimura was a person of remarkable foresight. His intention with this documentary film was likely to reduce the number of casualties in future Nankai Trough earthquakes. Essentially, it serves as a message to us in the present day.

His proactive approach to disaster preparedness and his commitment to educating future generations showcase a remarkable level of responsibility and foresight. This film not only serves as a crucial historical record but also as a timeless reminder of the importance of preparedness for natural disasters.

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