Taiwan’s Heartwarming Response to Noto Peninsula Earthquake

By 11/01/2024未分類

On January 1st, following the Noto Peninsula earthquake, the Taiwan government offered to send an international rescue team to the affected areas in Japan. This offer was declined by the Japanese government, a response that might normally cause disappointment.

However, what happened next was truly remarkable. Many Taiwanese citizens started donating relief funds through convenience store ATMs. Astoundingly, the total amount has reached approximately 480 million yen and continues to grow.

As a resident of Japan, I am deeply moved by the leadership shown by Taiwanese officials. It would be challenging even within Japan to raise such a significant amount so rapidly.

Importantly, this funding did not come from the Taiwanese government but was a collection of small contributions from ordinary Taiwanese citizens. This act of generosity speaks volumes about the spirit of the Taiwanese people.

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan sent a heartwarming message saying, “Japan’s crisis is Taiwan’s crisis. Taiwan and Japan are like family, always supporting each other.
Stay strong, Japan!”

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