Innovative Paper Architecture by Shigeru Ban: A Sustainable Solution for Privacy in Shelters

By 07/01/2024未分類

Renowned Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, is pioneering the construction of buildings not from wood, but paper. His paper structures are robust enough to support three-story buildings, meeting the requirements of Japan’s Building Standard Law Article 38.

The use of paper in architecture is not only cost-effective but also safer due to its light weight compared to heavy roofing materials. In the current situation in the Noto Peninsula disaster zone, the lack of partitions in shelters has raised significant privacy concerns, particularly for young women.

Ban’s innovative approach is not limited to building structures but extends to creating partitions in shelters, offering a much-needed solution for maintaining privacy.

For those interested in experiencing Ban’s paper architecture firsthand, I recommend visiting his paper-based restaurant on Awaji Island. I think it could be a unique experience to understand the practicality and ingenuity behind this sustainable architectural approach.

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