Embracing the Essence of Japanese Forests and Japanese Philosophies

By 27/12/2023未分類

I recently ventured into the deep forests of Wakayama Prefecture, capturing this image during my quest for the finest cedar and cypress wood. At Dios, we’re committed to offering unparalleled service to diplomats and expatriates residing in Osaka, by providing them with the best in furnishings and decor.

Our approach at Dios is multifaceted. While we meticulously select furniture from various interior stores, we also delve deep into nature, personally sourcing materials for our custom-made furnishings and decorative items. We place a special focus on the quality of Japanese timber. After comparing various types of wood from around the world, we are convinced that Japanese wood stands superior on the global stage.

Using natural, solid wood slabs to create stylish dining tables or transforming small wooden pieces into charming signage, we significantly enhance the value of real estate properties. Modern homes often feel impersonal due to synthetic materials; however, incorporating authentic Japanese wood dramatically transforms these spaces.

Interestingly, the same timber we select was once used in the former Italian Embassy Villa in Tochigi Prefecture(See Photos) . This suggests that Europeans with a discerning eye have long recognized the value of our Wakayama’s timber.

Japan’s land is 70% covered in forests, a testament to the generations of Japanese who have painstakingly preserved these woodlands. The Japanese philosophy of forest conservation not only honors this legacy but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly future for humanity. Japanese forests are a global treasure, enriching lives and fostering a sustainable future.

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