Addressing Accommodation Challenges for Expo Osaka

By 24/12/2023未分類

In this photo, you can see an apartment in Osaka, fully furnished which my company purchased  and rented out by our company as a turnkey solution for foreign tenants.

During Dubai Expo, the host country impressively built housing near the Expo site for foreign staff. This well-planned accommodation boasted excellent location, spacious rooms, well-arranged furniture, functional design, and high-grade balancing. Post-Expo, these residences transitioned into profitable rental apartments, also sometimes serving as convenient accommodations for large conferences, as I was informed by UAE contacts.

Regrettably, the Japanese government has not made similar preparations at all for Expo Osaka. The responsibility to devise housing solutions for the expected influx of foreign visitors, a challenging task indeed, seems to fall on private entities like ours.

Furnished rental options are scarce in Japan, and those available often suffer from inconvenient locations, poor furniture quality, or are unsuitable for the large numbers of foreigners expected during the Expo.

Our company is adept at procuring and tastefully arranging furniture, we can offer flexibility in location. However, the process of arranging, accounting, transporting, assembling, cleaning, and eventually removing furniture is far more labor-intensive than one might expect, inevitably driving up rental costs.

Hotels, lacking kitchens, are not suitable for long-term stays. Furthermore, there are no companies in Osaka capable of providing high-quality services to foreign expats because Osaka is not a metropolitan.

I think that this housing issue might become one of the biggest challenges for Expo Osaka.

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