Rethinking Osaka Expo 2025: The Strategic Use of Osaka’s Parks

By 23/12/2023未分類

I have long believed that hosting the World Expo at Osaka Castle Park would be an excellent choice. The park’s accessibility from various locations, coupled with its sturdy, disaster-resistant terrain, makes it one of the safest and most practical sites. Moreover, it’s a popular park, loved by many.

Beyond Osaka Castle Park, Osaka boasts numerous other parks. If the Expo venues were distributed among these parks, it would offer several advantages:

1. Reduction in Construction Costs: Spreading out the Expo across various parks can significantly cut down on the overall construction expenses.

2. Lower Infrastructure Development Costs: Utilizing existing parks reduces the need for extensive new infrastructure development.

3. Revitalization of Central Osaka and Beyond: Decentralizing the Expo venues can invigorate different areas of Osaka. Easier access to various Expo sites would likely increase visitor numbers, boosting the local economy and bringing a vibrant energy to the entire city.

4. No Need for Massive Tree Relocation: There would be no need to transplant 1500 trees. Additionally, the mature trees and the majestic feel of Osaka’s parks can provide a more authentic and beautiful experience of Japan’s natural forests.

5. Accessible Roads for Construction: The wide roads surrounding Osaka Castle Park facilitate easy access for construction vehicles.

6. Abundant Nearby Accommodations: Proximity to quality hotels like the New Otani enhances convenience for visitors.

7. Boost for Local Businesses: The abundance of restaurants and shops in Kyobashi and throughout the city promises increased sales and economic growth.

8. Facilities for International Guests: The Expo Park in Suita City has excellent facilities for hosting international dignitaries.

9. Safe Environment for Educational Trips: The absence of soil contamination concerns makes these parks safe destinations for school trips.

10. No Disadvantages for the Public: The only parties potentially inconvenienced by dispersing the Expo venues across Osaka’s parks would be the political party Osaka Ishin no Kai and its affiliates. For everyone else, this approach offers only advantages.

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#UrbanRenewal #OsakaExpo2025 #CityParks #EconomicGrowth #CulturalTourism #InnovativeCities #GreenSpaces #CommunityEngagement #GlobalEvents
#Expo2025 #Osaka #UrbanPlanning #SustainableDevelopment #PublicParks
#OsakaExpo2025 #GreenExpo #SustainableExpo #UrbanParks #OsakaCastlePark #EconomicGrowth #CommunityEngagement #InnovativeUrbanPlanning #EnvironmentalSustainability #PublicSpaces