Experiencing German Christmas Charm at Osaka’s Hankyu Department Store

By 21/12/2023未分類

Today, while visiting the Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, I was delighted to find a charming German store named Käthe Wohlfahrt. Browsing through the adorable wooden crafts, I was pleasantly surprised to see a piece that matched one I had received from a German friend in the past.

Käthe Wohlfahrt is based in Rothenburg, a town on Germany’s Romantic Road. The traditional German Christmas decorations and the warmth of German Christmas traditions from yesteryears are palpably felt through their exquisite wooden crafts.


In Osaka, the German Christmas Market event is held annually, and this year, Käthe Wohlfahrt has made its first appearance in Japan. Such events, steadily gaining popularity in Japan, have the potential to deeply root German Christmas culture in the Japanese market, bridging cultural gaps and bringing a slice of German holiday spirit to Japan.

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