The Hidden Challenges in Pavilion Construction for Expo 2025: Intermediary Brokers

By 22/11/2023未分類

As we approach the festive season, the Ritz-Carlton Osaka has once again adorned its lobby with a magnificent Christmas tree. However, the festive atmosphere contrasts sharply with the current status of foreign pavilions for Expo 2025. As of Christmas 2023, not a single foreign pavilion has commenced construction.

The delay in construction of foreign pavilions has been attributed to several factors:

1. Rising costs of building materials.
2. Shortage of skilled labor.
3. Language barriers between Japanese and foreign teams.

Yet, construction experts point out another critical issue that has not been widely acknowledged:

4. The presence of numerous intermediaries between foreign governments and Japanese general contractors, hindering direct communication.

This last point is particularly troubling. It appears that multiple brokers are involved, creating a bottleneck in the construction process.

From my experience, this is not limited to construction. Similar intermediary dynamics are observed in other aspects of Expo preparations. These brokers, hailing from both Japan and abroad, often lack the necessary expertise and seem more focused on their commissions than facilitating the construction process.

If these intermediaries are not acting as catalysts but rather as obstacles, delaying the construction, it raises a significant concern. Shouldn’t we consider removing these brokers to streamline the process? The situation calls for direct and efficient communication channels, eliminating unnecessary middlemen to ensure timely construction and preparation for the Expo.

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