Understanding the Ground Reality: Insights from Expo 2025 Pavilion Construction Guidelines

By 03/11/2023未分類

Recently, I came across an excerpt from the “Pavilion Type A (Site Handover Method) Design Guidelines,” distributed to foreign pavilion construction teams by the organizers of Expo 2025. The document includes detailed cross-sectional diagrams addressing the geotechnical issues of Yumeshima.

The guidelines openly acknowledge that the ground in Yumeshima is prone to subsidence. Two mitigation strategies are mentioned, but their feasibility appears questionable. This level of detail suggests that the ground conditions of Yumeshima have been well understood among experts for some time.

On the other hand, In the last few days, the Governor of Osaka Prefecture and the Minister for the Expo held press conferences broadcasted on Japanese TV. They addressed the nation about the Expo’s construction costs, which have soared to 1.8 times the initial budget. The explanations provided were confined to two factors:

1. The surging prices of building materials.
2. The escalating wages of construction workers.

Interestingly, there was a notable absence of questions from reporters and subsequent answers during the lengthy press conferences. Moreover, there was no mention of the challenges pertaining to Yumeshima’s ground conditions and logistics.

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