Customer’s “amulet”

By 02/01/2021Real Estate

Our customers have forgotten their “amulets” and returned to his home country, so we have considered an appropriate disposal method for “amulets”.


First of all, for the first six months, we offered our customers’ amulets to the Kamidana in our Dios head office in Nakanoshima Osaka.

On New Year’s Day, January 1, 2021, we visited Shitennoji Temple in Osaka for the practice of visiting a temple at the beginning of the New Year. Therefore, we prayed for the patronage of our customers in the temple, and at the same time, we put all of our customers’ amulets in the disposal box of the amulets at Shitennoji Temple.

Shitennoji is the first temple in Japan where Buddhism was introduced 1400 years ago. We participated in the monthly zazen meditation at this temple from 5 am. At this venerable Buddhist temple in Japan, we have properly disposed of our customers’ amulets.

On the same day, Dios bought a new “amulet” at Shitennoji Temple. This “amulet” is (1) the good relation with a Buddha and (2) the relation with a person. We love this new amulet very much. We will continue to raise it to our Kamidana of our Dios head office.