Autumn leaves of Eikando in Kyoto

By 15/11/2020Sightseeing

November in Japan is the season for autumn leaves. The leaves of the maple tree are colored. It turns yellow at first, then gradually turns red, and finally turns bright red.

In Japanese, there is the word Akibare. On a clear autumn day, the sky is blue and makes you feel refreshed. “Aki” means autumn. “bare” means a clear sky. A sunny autumn day is suitable for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. This day was also Akibare’s day. The sky was a beautiful blue color.

The bright red autumn leaves shine in the blue sky. The color contrast is very beautiful.

Eikan-do in Kyoto is the most popular tourist destination in Japan for the autumn colors. The design of the Zen Japanese-style garden further enhances the beauty of the autumn leaves.

Please enjoy the best autumn leaves in Japan.