It was very hot this summer, but the temperature gradually dropped in October, and it has suddenly become cold from this week.

Therefore, the comforter needs to be adjusted for winter. There is a way to adjust the futon for summer → the futon for autumn → the futon for winter, but if the temperature drops so suddenly, I think that it is better to adjust it once, such as the futon for summer → the futon for winter. ..

Now, let me explain about IKEA futons. IKEA futons show warmth with a circle. The blue circle means “for summer”. The red circle means “for winter”. The number marked with a circle indicates the level of warmth. Futons with one red circle are suitable for autumn. Futons with three red circles are very warm winter futons.

IKEA futons are designed so that you can combine a futon with only one blue circle and a futon with only one red circle to make a warm winter futon.

Summer futon + autumn futon = winter futon.

The temperature in Japan will suddenly drop from now on. Many Japanese tend to get sick because they cannot keep up with changes in temperature. Please warm your futon in preparation for the cold winter.