How to choose a real estate property

By 22/09/2020Property

(Author: Masahiro Fukai, Photo by Dios: Nakanoshima&Fukushima)

When choosing a real estate property, you choose from multiple properties and decide, but I think that no matter which property you choose, there is no problem with the interior of the property. The reason is that the comfort of living in a house is largely determined by the interior design (furniture, home appliances, information technology, cleaning, management, services). The location, sunlight, surrounding environment, etc. of the property cannot be changed after moving in. However, most of the other important items are not the building, but the various services that are the added value of the building.

I think the current housing in Japan is significantly lacking in service. The selling price of a house is the price per tsubo. In other words, the price of Japanese housing is determined in proportion to the size. The value of a house has nothing to do with its size. An American customer of our company was previously told by me “Nonsense!” That’s right. Still, the pricing of all Japanese homes is nonsense.

From now on, Japanese housing will be oversupplied. Overbuilding new condominiums, while the Japanese population will continue to decline.

If you go to Yodobashi Camera (home appliances store), you will find a lot of home appliances. Things are overflowing in Japan. Home appliances are oversupplied due to mass production. However, how to use home appliances is very complicated and difficult for consumers to understand. For foreigners, it is a difficult task that is almost impossible to understand. To tell the truth, it is very difficult for Japanese people as well as foreigners to read and understand the instruction manual written in Japanese. And there are very few clerk in the Yodobashi Camera store who explain the products.

Mass production and mass consumption boosted the economy, but as a result, life in Japan today has become extremely difficult.

When selecting and deciding on a real estate property, the building is not much different from any property. What is important is what kind of service the real estate agent provides to the customer.