Dios management service

By 13/09/2020Real Estate

(Author: Masahiro Fukai)

We at Dios are real estate agents, but we do what no other real estate company does.

Our corporation, Dios Co. Ltd., rents an entire real estate property from the property owner.
And we buy furniture and home appliances. In addition, regular cleaning and maid service will be added. In addition, we will add our latest information technology along with furniture.

An even more important service is the “management service”. We think of a service that fully supports foreign customers in order to solve the very small problems of living in Japan, such as furniture, home appliances, information technology, housing equipment, cleaning, and tidying up. It is a “management service”.

Dios Co., Ltd is not a company that only brokers real estate. It is the “lender” of the residence of foreign customers. It’s completely different from other real estate agents. For foreign customers, they will have a service experience that is completely different from other companies. Foreign expats customers may have experienced residential services in many countries other than Japan, but this is a service they have never experienced before. The reason is that Dios is not a real estate brokerage company.

Please come and experience our Dios service for foreigners.