The day we are most happy

(Author: Masahiro Fukai)

Dios conducts a satisfaction survey for all of our customers. We distribute a special card to our customers, and they write their impressions and opinions on our services.

Our residential clients, foreigners, have been living in Dios housing for several years. On the morning of the last day, we will put the completed card on the table for us.

The customer who has been there for several years is no longer in the house. I opened the card after our customer was vacated.

“I am very happy with the service from Dios.”

It was written at the end of the card.

I couldn’t stop crying while cleaning the customer’s house. I think he saw our service from different angles for three years. In conclusion, he put it together in just one line.

We, Dios, of course, as a business, provide real estate services to our customers and earn money. However, what I am most happy with is the words received from customers.

“I was happy in Japan.”

This one word gives us, above all, the power to work and the power to live.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to foreign customers.