There are disadvantages of big windows.

(1)The resistance to earthquake is weak.
A room walled is solider than a room with big windows. A building with floor-level windows has little walls and so the earthquake resistance is weak.

(2)The cost of big windows mounts up.
Windows are more expensive than walls. Big windows costs more than small windows.

(3)Crime prevention is weak.
60% burglars break windows and invade into a house. Especially the floor-level windows in a living room or balcony.

(4)Insulation is bad.
A room with big windows is not well insulated. Summertime is hot and the winter season is cold.

(5)Fuel and lighting is expensive.
Since big windows are not well insulated and airtightness, the air-conditioners consume more power and consequently it comes to be expensive.

(6)The arrangement of furniture is limited.
Big windows make the arrangement of furniture difficult. Walls in a room are better for good interior coordination.

(7)Acoustic insulation comes to be weak.
Big windows make the room’s acoustic insulation weak. A noise outside the house cannot be shut our well.

(8)Privacy protection is weak.
People who live in a house with big windows shall fell someone’s eye from outside. Especially when lights turned on at night, the protection of privacy comes to be weak.


On the other hand, the followings are the merits of big windows.

  • The room is well-lighted
  • The house is well ventilated.
  • People can go in and out through the big windows.
  • Big windows give a sense of spaciousness.