Reflecting on the Noto Peninsula Earthquake: A Call for Immediate Action and Support

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On January 1st, an earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture. Our company, Dios, considered volunteering from Osaka to the affected area on January 5th.

However, due to a notice on the Ishikawa Prefecture’s website advising against volunteer visits to prevent traffic congestion, we had to abandon our plans to enter the disaster zone.

The Governor of Ishikawa, who advised against volunteer visits, has yet to visit the affected area of Wajima as of January 14th.

Prime Minister Kishida postponed his visit to the disaster site due to bad weather and only made his first appearance there today, January 14th.

Meanwhile, victims in the disaster area are desperately calling for help.

The Self-Defense Forces are doing their utmost on the ground, but without direct orders from the government, they are unable to take autonomous action.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that more than half of Shika Nuclear Power Plant’s power sources are damaged, putting it in an extremely perilous state.

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Reflecting on the Visionary Efforts of Kochi’s Governor During the 1947 Nankai Trough Earthquake

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In these three photographs, you can witness a historical moment from the 1947 Nankai Trough earthquake, captured in a film produced by Naomi Nishimura, the then-governor of Kochi Prefecture in Japan.

The inscription in Japanese reads, “This film was produced to prepare for a disaster expected to occur about 100 years later. Governor of Kochi Prefecture, Naomi Nishimura 1974 March.”

I believe that Governor Nishimura was a person of remarkable foresight. His intention with this documentary film was likely to reduce the number of casualties in future Nankai Trough earthquakes. Essentially, it serves as a message to us in the present day.

His proactive approach to disaster preparedness and his commitment to educating future generations showcase a remarkable level of responsibility and foresight. This film not only serves as a crucial historical record but also as a timeless reminder of the importance of preparedness for natural disasters.

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Taiwan’s Heartwarming Response to Noto Peninsula Earthquake

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On January 1st, following the Noto Peninsula earthquake, the Taiwan government offered to send an international rescue team to the affected areas in Japan. This offer was declined by the Japanese government, a response that might normally cause disappointment.

However, what happened next was truly remarkable. Many Taiwanese citizens started donating relief funds through convenience store ATMs. Astoundingly, the total amount has reached approximately 480 million yen and continues to grow.

As a resident of Japan, I am deeply moved by the leadership shown by Taiwanese officials. It would be challenging even within Japan to raise such a significant amount so rapidly.

Importantly, this funding did not come from the Taiwanese government but was a collection of small contributions from ordinary Taiwanese citizens. This act of generosity speaks volumes about the spirit of the Taiwanese people.

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan sent a heartwarming message saying, “Japan’s crisis is Taiwan’s crisis. Taiwan and Japan are like family, always supporting each other.
Stay strong, Japan!”

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Understanding and Preparing for Earthquake Risks in Japan: The Recent Seismic Activities

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On January 9th at 17:59, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Chuetsu area of Niigata Prefecture. This event occurred near the location of the January 1st earthquake off the Noto Peninsula but originated from a different active fault.

Currently, a series of swarm earthquakes are being observed in Niigata Prefecture. Experts indicate that movement in one active fault can trigger activity in another nearby fault. In fact, the Noto Peninsula has been experiencing these swarm earthquakes for the past three years. Therefore, experts had anticipated the possibility of a significant earthquake occurring in this region.

The pattern of seismic activities suggests a high likelihood of a major earthquake occurring in the Niigata area soon. Historical data and analysis often show that an increase in small swarm earthquakes can be a precursor to a larger seismic event, suggesting that major earthquakes can, to some extent, be predictable.

The recent seismic activities along the coast of the Sea of Japan are geographically distant from Osaka, presenting no direct issues for the region.

However, it is crucial to note that Osaka is expected to be affected by the “Nankai Trough Earthquake” within the next decade (around 2030-2040). This earthquake is scientifically predicted to occur and could happen at any time. It is anticipated to be of the same magnitude as the Great East Japan Earthquake, including significant tsunamis. Being in a highly urbanized area of Japan (including Osaka, Nagoya, and the Kanto region), the potential damage from this earthquake could be catastrophic.

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