The Problem of Relocation Service

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 Japanese relocation service for foreign companies has a structural defect in a system.

 Recently foreign companies are outsourcing all business of the personnel department to outside contractor of relocation service for the purpose of cost savings.

  However this management strategy to contract out entirely of work failed and is not working well.

  Consequently the question has come to the fore and many complaints have come in regarding Japanese relocation service by outsourcing it.  

 Foreign companies in Japan should perform a ground-up review of relocation service and make a drastic reform of the management strategy.


The underling causes are the following points.


(1)  The Lack of a Sense of Belongings

 In the event that foreign companies contract out entirely of work, since the outside contractor is not a member of the concerned company, the person who handles relocation service does not have “the Sense of Belongings” to clients.    


(2) Lack of Experiences and Employee education 

 There is a great difference of human resources’ quality between a relocation company and a client company.  

  The inexperience of the relocation company and employee training is another factor behind the problems.


3Rebates and kickback money

 A relocation company charges rebate / kickback money to real estate companies.

  Rebates are common between a relocation company and real estate company. It is business malpractice for a client.

  The management strategy is not going well for foreign companies to contract out entirely work to outside contractor.

  In case of outsourcing the relocation service to outside contractor, it is necessary for foreign companies to check the outside companies’ business affairs well.  


Winter Kobe

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In Japan there is not a custom of giving guests lodging in their own homes even if guests are relatives.

In the meanwhile, our foreign customers seem to have many guests who stay homes very often.

Of course, your guests would like to take advantage of such a rare opportunity to stay in Osaka Japan.

However, our customers seem to be too busy to guide for their own guests in Japan.

I am going to introduce our recommended places in this blog news for our international customers.


How do you like “Kobe Luminaries”



There was the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 January 17. It was Kobe that suffered the worst damage in the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

This “Kobe Luminaries” event is to do full honor to the memory

The urban development of Osaka after World Expo 2025

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I would like to introduce the urban development of Osaka after the World Expo 2025 was officially fixed.

The site for World Expo 2025 is “Yumeshima Island” where casino is going to be invited from Las Vegas of the United States.
Universal Studios Japan where is the immediate neighbor to Yumeshima Island has a large project to expand their site and construct new attractions “Super Mario”

The north side of JR Osaka station where is said to be “North Yard” has also a big development plan to construct buildings and green parks like the central park in New York.

The “Nakanoshima” area where is our office of Dios Co., Ltd also has a huge urban development plan by Osaka City government.

“North Yard” and “Nakanoshima” will be linked by the new JR line which will be connected with Kansai airport.

Japan has been a centrally governed state by Tokyo after the war, but the economic scale GDP of Osaka bears comparison with one developed country.

Osaka has the potential to grow to be very attractive cosmopolitan city.

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World Expo 2025 was officially fixed in OSAKA!!

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World Expo 2025 was officially fixed in OSAKA!!

The new age of OSAKA has really arrived. Let’s create the new world city OSAKA together.

When the Expo 1970 was held in Osaka, the number of visitors was the highest record in history.
The festive mood of the people was rising to fever pitch.
It is OSAKA who is the expert of World Expo!

The main point for good business is said to be “LUCK”.
There is a chance of business in a lucky city where Lady Luck is smiling.
Prime Minister Abe’s statement was “The success of World Expo in Osaka is guaranteed.”
As well as the statement, the success of business will be guaranteed for people who visit OSAKA.

Luck is with us.

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