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How to deal with natural wood floored

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Natural wood floored like solid natural wood conveys a sense of extravagance and so preferred.However in case it is a rental apartment, natural-wood floored needs to be careful.

  • Fading of floor ~ Avoid direct sunlight

Natural wood floored often fade and loss of color in the sunlight or lighting. Direct sunlight increases the speed changing color. So direct sunlight shall be shut out by a curtain.

Please shut out the sunlight by a curtain to avoid curling, cracking, fading.

  • About a chair and a table

Furniture like a chair and a table should be put some felt. Felt is always better for any future.

  • To be resistant to soiling and stains

If the wood floor gets wet for a long time, it will cause stains, changing color, and cracking. So it is important that the water shall b

  • Around a kitchen and a washstand

The places where water splashes shall be covered by mats.

  • Water condensation

In case wood floor absorbs water by water condensation, it causes stains and flapping of the floor.

  • A foliage plant

A flowerpot for a foliage plant must be put on a receptacle to be stop water from getting wet of the floor.

  • A medicine / a seasoning

In case a medicine or a seasoning is slopped on the floor, they shall be wiped up with a rag which is wrung tightly or soaked with a neutral detergent.

  • Air-conditioners

When heater of air-conditioners are used too many hours continuously, the air in the room could be too dry. Then it causes a crack of the floor. So the air humidity in the room shall be regulated properly.


Work flow of Lease Contractual Procedures

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The steps of Lease Contract are (1) Application Form, (2) Sign on Lease Contract (= money payment) , and (3) Handing over Keys (= the first day of rent payment)

Step 1

  • Tenancy applicant fill out necessary information and submit it with copies of identification cards.
  • At this point the applicant does not have to pay down payment.
  • Since this application form is not yet acquired legal force, there is no penalty.
  • Once the owner receives this application form by FAX, the owner begins the examination.
  • With this examination, the property is held for the applicant by the owner.

Step 2

  • If the owner accepts the application form after examination, Lease Contract documents will be prepared.
  • It will take about two weeks between Step 1 and Step 2.
  • As soon as the Lease Contract is signed, the applicant shall pay all settlement amount of money to the owner.
  • In case of lease contract, all settlement amount of money is paid instead of down payment.
  • The date of contractual conclusion is different from the first day of the lease contract.

Step 3

  • When the first day of the lease contract comes, the owner shall hand over the key to the new tenant.
  • The period between Step 1 and Step 3 is usually one month (= 30 days). However this period is not specified in the law, so there are various owners.
  • The new tenant cannot bring in luggage and furniture until this first day of the lease contract.



Apartment Investment

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I would like to analyze the existing circumstances of real estate investments.

Real estate property is individual and different. There is a quite high variation about each property. On the other hand, there is the average real estate market trend of all properties. I analyze about the general trend here at the moment.

The Gross Rates of Return (%) are consistently trending downwards since 2014. Japan national average of the Gross Rate of Return was 9.0% in 2014, but it is 5% level in 2019.

The Gross Rate of Return means the percentage of yearly rental income divided by the purchase price of the real estate property. (Gross Rate of Return) = (Yearly rental income) ÷(Purchase Price

However, the Net Rate of Return is the percentage figure of net yearly rental income divided by the net purchase price.  (Net Rate of Return) = (Net yearly rental income) ÷ (Net Purchase Price)

  • (Net yearly rental income) = (Yearly rental income) (Overhead expenses
  • (Net Purchase Price) = (Purchase Price) (Overhead expenses at the time of purchase)

The capital cost means the bank charges %. Therefore, the figure real estate investors should consider is the following percentage.

(Net Rate of Return) (Bank charges)

The number of this percentage is approaching approximately 0% or below 0% now.

What is meant by this figure?

If real estate investors can expect for capital gains, they will continue to purchase properties even if the income gains are below 0%.

Conversely speaking when property purchase prices top out and show signs of retreat, real estate selling price begins all downward trend in real estate purchase prices because investors do not buy.

Since the purchase prices decline and then the income gain % will be adjusted, the suitable opportunity for investment will present itself.

When the time comes the income gains become normal %, namely, properties of over 10% gross return rate are beginning to come onto the real estate market, it will be the investment opportunities.

Cosmos (Autumn Cherry Blossom)

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Japanese October is the height of the cosmos season. The cosmos flowers are in full bloom now. “Cosmos” is written “Autumn cherry blossom” in Japanese kanji.

Cherry blossom in spring season has particular significance for Japanese people.  Pink cherry blossom has the cultural flower in Japanese history.

In October the temperature drops sharply about 10 degrees in a week. Since the temperature changes sharply, many people often get out of condition.

Summer changes to autumn.  One feels unaccountably lonely on autumn season. Cosmos admirably gives expression to the Japanese lonely feelings.


 Higanbana 彼岸花

とよのコスモスの里 Toyono Cosmos no sato

TEL: 072-739-1363

MAP : 


コスモスの里 穂谷 Hotani Cosmos no sato

TEL: 072-841-1348 





The attractions of Echizen Japan Paper

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  • We visited the village of Echizen Washi in Fukui prefecture.

The history of Echizen Japan Paper dates back to 1500 years ago.

Echizen Paper is used for fusuma paper of the Katsura Detached Palace.

The Louvre Art Museum also adopts Echizen Paper.

It is said that Picasso Pablo had treasured Echizen Japan Paper habitually. 

In the building we visited there was a shop various Echizen Washi were on sale.

I felt the price isn’t so expensive and suited my pocketbook.

Most paper were not finished product for interior design, the Paper itself were on sale in the shop.

We visited Udatsu traditional handicrafts house.

After my return from Fukui to Osaka, we did various work with Echizen Paper I purchased.

It was utterly delightful to create handmade products.

I think we can provide very attractive interior design for our customers by Echizen Japanese Paper.

We stuck Echizen Paper on the back of our smart phone.

Furthermore we colored in the pap

I twisted Echizen paper around a light.

This is our office.

The Ritz Carlton Kyoto

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The Ritz Carlton Kyoto

I would like to provide information about The Ritz Carlton Kyoto

It is a low-slung building by the Kamo River and the atmospher is different from the Ritz Carlton Osaka.

I think the reason for the low-slung hotel is the Japanese Building Standards Law, however the building is thoughtfully designed for the underground floor to admit sunlight.

The interior is designed on the theme of The Tale of Genji.

I found in the picture by the Italian restaurant that an image of Hikaru Genji (a main character of The Tale of Genji) appears on the picture as I watch from the side.

The best part of the interior design of this hotel is the Moon which reflects and hangs on the large glass.

The moon has fine stitching. It is on the wall of the opposite side.

The Tale of Genji is the Japanese literary work in the Heian Period which is one thousand years ago. The literary artist is a woman writer. It is often said that Japan is an exclusively male society, however actually women were playing leading roles in Japanese society since one thousand years ago.

It was long before European women’s participation in society.


The Tale of Genji is the highest pinnacle of Japanese literature.

There is no other Japanese literary production up to the present.

There are a few representatives of foreign managers in the Ritz Carlton Kyoto. They are real professionals of hotel management. Japanese staffs are managed by these few foreign management.

The Ritz Carlton Kyoto is a charming hotel which combines Western style of design and Japanese history.

Japanese-style Gifts

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QI want to bring a small Japanese gift for a foreign friend. My budget is approximately 3000 to 5000JPY. What a gift do you think is good ?

 A、The craftsmen of Echizen lacquer in Fukui Prefecture are making woodworking products before varnishing with lacquer. There is a shop (HACOA) in the building of LUCUA 1100 7th floor at JR Osaka station. I feel the imaginativeness and fun of the craftsmen. So there are a lot of fun things.

I took a special fancy to this product in this shop.

The price is 4800JPY.

There is a Japanese-style general goods shop in DAIMARU Umeda at JR Osaka station.

In view of the fact that the budget is under 5000JPY, it would be these products.

If you go to the food section B1F of Hanshin department store at JR Osaka station, there is a tea set which I often buy for a gift-giving to foreign customers. The design of these boxes are so beautiful and Japanese-style. I think this tea products will be very preferred.


Curtain Technique

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There are bright lights outside the window of the master bedroom in the apartment. The beams come through the openings in the curtains. So the lights disturb our customer’s sleep.

However there is nothing like the morning sunlight to wake one up

  1. A new curtain box is necessary
  2. A new thick curtain to keep out light with “return” system


This must be made to order and it is very expensive.

So we consider the method of settlement without incurring any charge.

(1) Filling up the gap on the curtain’s side 

  • Creating the curtain exactly like “return curtain

(2) Filling up the gap on the curtain’s upper side

  • Adjusting by the curtain’s hook

(3) Filling up the gap on the curtain’s center

  •  The plastic part is inconspicuous.

(4) IoT devise “MORNIN”

  • The automatic switch for the curtains
  • Time setting
  • Openable by Google Hom
  • Openable with smart phone. 

(My movie)


Windows can change the life of living significantly.

“Light” is very important for a comfortable home.

If you have any problems about windows, please feel free to come talk to Dios at any time.

The Problem of Relocation Service

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 Japanese relocation service for foreign companies has a structural defect in a system.

 Recently foreign companies are outsourcing all business of the personnel department to outside contractor of relocation service for the purpose of cost savings.

  However this management strategy to contract out entirely of work failed and is not working well.

  Consequently the question has come to the fore and many complaints have come in regarding Japanese relocation service by outsourcing it.  

 Foreign companies in Japan should perform a ground-up review of relocation service and make a drastic reform of the management strategy.


The underling causes are the following points.


(1)  The Lack of a Sense of Belongings

 In the event that foreign companies contract out entirely of work, since the outside contractor is not a member of the concerned company, the person who handles relocation service does not have “the Sense of Belongings” to clients.    


(2) Lack of Experiences and Employee education 

 There is a great difference of human resources’ quality between a relocation company and a client company.  

  The inexperience of the relocation company and employee training is another factor behind the problems.


3Rebates and kickback money

 A relocation company charges rebate / kickback money to real estate companies.

  Rebates are common between a relocation company and real estate company. It is business malpractice for a client.

  The management strategy is not going well for foreign companies to contract out entirely work to outside contractor.

  In case of outsourcing the relocation service to outside contractor, it is necessary for foreign companies to check the outside companies’ business affairs well.  


Winter Kobe

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In Japan there is not a custom of giving guests lodging in their own homes even if guests are relatives.

In the meanwhile, our foreign customers seem to have many guests who stay homes very often.

Of course, your guests would like to take advantage of such a rare opportunity to stay in Osaka Japan.

However, our customers seem to be too busy to guide for their own guests in Japan.

I am going to introduce our recommended places in this blog news for our international customers.


How do you like “Kobe Luminaries”



There was the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 January 17. It was Kobe that suffered the worst damage in the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

This “Kobe Luminaries” event is to do full honor to the memory