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Floor plan of 2 toilets~in the case of Osaka

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The design of the floor plan of apartments is basically different between Japanese and foreigners due to their different lifestyles. For Japanese people, housing is designed so that they can feel at ease and relax. In order to feel at ease and relax, it is necessary to have a floor plan that does not require you to worry about the glance. Therefore, there is “AGARIKAMACHI (=the timber frame at that part of a house through which one steps into the house proper)  at the entrance, and the bedrooms and living room are separated by a wall so that no one else can see it.

The reason why there are two toilets in a Japanese apartment is that it is inconvenient to go to the toilet place because it is “far”. If the floor plan is 160㎡ or more and the floor plan is long and narrow, the human path of flow from one end to the other is too long, so two toilets may be created. The floor plan in the photo above (Kita-ku, Osaka, 180㎡) is an example of this.

Even if the floor plan is 160㎡ or less, there may be two toilets. It is a case where a toilet is installed in the master bedroom. It is convenient to have a toilet nearby when people are sleeping at night in the master bedroom. Again, the reason there are two toilets is that the toilets are “far”. The floor plan in the photo below (Fukushima-ku, Osaka, 120㎡) is an example of this.

In the case of a detached house, it will be 2 to 3 floors, so it is “far” to move up and down on the stairs, so toilets will be installed on each floor, so there will be two or more. Detached houses are located in the suburbs, not in the center of Osaka. Again, the reason there are two toilets is that the toilets are “far”. The floor plan in the photo below (a detached house in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, 140 m2) is an example of this.

The floor plan of a tower-type apartment in the center of Osaka city tends to become smaller year by year. Tower apartments have the advantage of being a convenient location because they are close to the station and convenient for shopping. Tower apartments take up a lot of common area (entrance, reception space, guest room, party room, gym, etc). On the other hand, the space of the exclusive part (individual ownership space) is narrowed. The floor plan in the photo below (newly built “Proud Tower” in Kita-ku, Osaka, 70㎡) is an example of this.

Nature of the locality – “Horie” area

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We have the opportunity to visit various areas to guide our customers to apartments in Osaka, but when we actually visit the area, each area has its own “nature of the locality”. I think this “land pattern” is a very important point when choosing a house.

We introduced a young couple to a rental apartment in Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, and when we contracted with a customer, a few months after moving in, we asked the customer, “This apartment is very good. I like it very much. ” This is because the apartment property was good, but the “local environment (= nature of the locality)” where the apartment is located was also good.

From the Horie area in Nishi Ward to Shinmachi on the north side to Utsubo Park, there is a slightly similar atmosphere. However, when you cross the Dotonbori River on the south side and become Naniwa Ward, the atmosphere changes completely. The area around Shin-Imamiya Station has a place to introduce the work of day laborers, so the regional characteristics will change completely. In a city like Osaka, the types of residents are completely different depending on the area.

I think history creates the ” nature of the locality ” of the region. What kind of people lived in the area in the past determines what kind of people live in the area now, and those who will move in the future will be dominated by the history of the area. Therefore, when choosing a house, it is important to control not only the interior of the room, the distance to the workplace, and housing-related facilities, but also the ” nature of the locality ” of the area.

The area seems to be connected by some invisible thread between humans. “Life” and “life” may be connected. There is always a connection between the past “life” and the present “life” as well as the “life” that is alive now. This is history.

When thinking about which property to choose, try walking and feeling the atmosphere around the property. I’m sure you will discover something.

There are many fashionable cafes and interior shops centered around Orange Street in Minamihorie and Kitahorie Park. The American Village is nearby, and the culture of young people such as live houses continues to the Horie area.

However, while the American Village is a night town with bars, the Horie area is calm. The younger age group is better. In addition, there are many luxury apartments in the Horie area. This means that many high-income people live there.

People with high incomes consume high added value. Horie has many select shops because it fits the local pattern. It is highly likely that fashionable shops will continue to develop and the area will be fun.

The Kitahama and Complex Use

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The Kitahama is located directly above Kitahama Station on the Sakaisuji Subway Line. It is also connected to Kitahama Station on the Keihan Line by an underground passage. Because it is near the street of Doshomachi, a historically famous pharmaceutical company town in Osaka, there are many historic buildings nearby. The Mitsukoshi department store was demolished and The Kitahama was built using the site.

The Kitahama is proudly the number one in the popularity ranking of Sumitomo Realty & Development’s 2020 edition.


In Japan, industrialization progressed rapidly from 1950 to 1990 after the war. In order to develop the manufacturing industry efficiently, restricted areas (zoning) have been defined in the urban development plan by Japanese government. The factory area, residential area, and commercial area have been set separately. As a result, good housing was located in the suburbs, and the living environment in Osaka was not good. Since around 1990, tower type high rise apartment buildings have been built in central Osaka. And people who lived in the suburbs began to move to the center of Osaka. This is because tower type apartment have made it possible to create a better living environment than a quiet living environment in the suburbs.

The Kitahama area has the historic atmosphere of “Doshomachi” and the atmosphere of the office district of the stock exchange. It’s not a bar like Namba or Dotonbori, so Kitahama area is safe and the nature of the locality of Kitahama is elegant. There are no large department stores. There is no electric shop, so people have to go shopping to Yodobashi Camera in Umeda.

The Kitahama is adjacent to a commercial facility called KITAHAMA PLAZA. It is very convenient for daily life to have a Konami gym, a food supermarket and restaurants. Konami here is classified as a high-grade one with a large facility and beauty. All the shops in KITAHAMA PLAZA are of high grade, so they are preferred by wealthy customers. The residents of The Kitahama are also wealthy people, so the building and the surrounding area have a luxurious atmosphere.

Such real estate development is called “Complex Use”. Complex development is close to work and residence. Complex development means a break from the Japanese old-style life of working at a factory for a fixed amount of time and returning home on a crowded train. People work in a cafe on a laptop computer. Work meetings end up in a cafe next to the apartment. Playing while working. From such a lifestyle, people can generate intellectual ideas. The “Complex Use” is a lifestyle for intellectual labor in a knowledge-information society, not Japanese traditional mechanical labor in a factory.

Tower apartment and health

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Tower apartments are very popular because they have a good view, but various problems have been pointed out. In this article, I would like to consider only about the health of the residents of the tower apartment.

From my 20 years of experience, a 40-year-old Japanese-American wife who lived on the 38th floor had a miscarriage. On the other hand, the foreign wife who lived on the 34th floor gave birth to her second child safely.  I have no scientific basis for whether these things are related to tower apartments. That’s my actual experience.

Scholars have studied this issue and published treatises. Even if scholars criticize tower apartments, realtors deny scholars’ claims. Scientific proof does not seem to be clear yet.

It is known that the atmospheric pressure of 10hPa drops when it rises 100m. The height of one floor of the condominium is about 3 meters, so 100m ÷ 3 = 33 floors. In other words, the atmospheric pressure on the 33rd floor is 10hPa lower than on the ground.

When the weather is fine, it is high pressure. A heavy rainy day is a low pressure. The difference in atmospheric pressure between a clear day and a heavy rainy day is about 17hPa. Generally, the difference in atmospheric pressure between a sunny day and a bad day is considered to be about 10hPa.

“The number of patients undergoing cecal surgery is higher on rainy days than on sunny days,” said one medical doctor.  Certainly, on a clear day, humans become more energetic and motivated to work. On a rainy day, if we feel depressed and a low pressure system such as the rainy season continues, we may want to start crying even if there are no problems. The weather seems to have a huge impact on the human body. And the pressure difference in the weather is 10hPa.

I am a member of a fitness club and am doing underwater walking exercise in the pool. At first, I used to breaststroke, but at some point I began to think that walking in the water was more effective in improving my health than swimming. When I swim flat, my body floats on the surface of the water, but when I walk, I drop my feet to the bottom of the pool, which applies “water pressure”. Because of this “water pressure”, I go to the fitness club every day.

Thinking in this way, living on the upper floors of a tower apartment is thought to have at least some impact on the body.

If you are staying at a hotel for a few days, it is good to enjoy the view. It’s okay for a healthy adult to rent for a few years. However, if you have a pregnant wife or a weak person, it may be safer to avoid the pressure difference of 10hPa.

Umeda’s large-scale project “La Tour”

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“La Tour”:

The brand “La Tour” is owned by Sumitomo Realty & Development, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and is planned for expatriates from the architectural design stage. “La Tour” is a full-fledged foreigner’s house that knows the lifestyle of expatriates very well. There are other properties in Tokyo designed for foreigners, but “La Tour” is the number one in Japan.

There are many buildings of “La Tour” in Tokyo, but never in Osaka. 99% of the number of expatriates living in Japan is concentrated in Tokyo, and the market for expatriates in Osaka is so small that foreign housing designed well by major real estate developers wasn’t in Osaka.

In Osaka, expatriates are supposed to live in luxury homes for the wealthy Japanese. The floor plan that Japanese people like and the floor plan that foreigners like are fundamentally different, so no matter how high-class a house for Japanese people is, it was not enough for foreigners unless it was built for foreigners from the planning stage.

For example, Japanese people do not have a lifestyle of frequently inviting visitors to their homes. However, foreigners often have guests staying at home. Therefore, foreigners want more than one bathroom. Foreigners also want two or more toilets. In Japanese houses, the bathroom, the toilet and the wash basin are clearly separated, but Japanese don’t really want more than one.

Also, Japanese people, even wealthy people, do not want such a large housing space. There is not much habit of hiring maids or housekeepers to clean the room. However, foreigners feel that the Japanese housing space is small. “La Tour” prepares more than 300㎡ of residential space for foreign customers.

Also, Japanese people do not ask for services like a hotel concierge from a house, but for foreigners who are not very familiar with the situation in Japan, it is very helpful and happy to have a concierge service at the front of the house. It is very convenient for foreigners to have staff in their homes to support their lives in Japan.

Since the foreign rental market in Osaka is extremely small, it seems that most of the “La Tour” in Osaka are supposed to be Japanese renters. However, Sumitomo Realty & Development’s “La Tour” brand will no longer be “La Tour” unless there are at least some expatriates occupying it.

It is expected that talented and talented foreigners will move in this property and create a high-quality “full-scale foreign housing” in Osaka. For foreigners, this is Osaka’s first big news.

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Hard and soft aspects of rental housing

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When choosing real estate, you need to look at both the visible and the invisible. “Visible things” are hardware aspects such as buildings. “Invisible things” are human services that you can receive after you move into the property.

For rental apartments, this is a management service provided by the real estate company and the owner. Some properties provide quick response when equipment breaks down, but some properties are slow to respond to customer complaints and take weeks. Waiting for a long time is very painful. It is very comfortable to live in if the real estate company responds promptly.

Also, if the real estate company is a large company, it may be safe, but no personal relationships will be created. The systematic manual service is not so impressive. The person in charge will change in a few years. There are no long-term relationships. Rather, smaller real estate companies have more human warmth. Also, smaller companies may actually be more flexible and respond faster to customers than larger companies. I think a community-based real estate company that “sees the face” is good.

If you spend too much money on the hardware side such as the size of the building and less money on the software side of the service, it seems that the “visible thing” has succeeded, but you are dissatisfied with the “invisible thing”. Will occur. Rather, I think that the satisfaction level will be overwhelmingly higher if you spend money on software instead of spending money on hardware. There is nothing better than human service.

Key points for choosing a house in Osaka

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Even if Japanese people choose a Japanese house, they often have trouble because it is their own important house. Of course, foreigners who are new to Japan often have more troubles.

(Public transport)

First of all, it should be noted that public transportation differs depending on the city planning of the country. Japan is a country of trains. The cities and lands of Japan are designed around trains. Compared to Western countries, the railway network is very well developed. Compared to Europe, the number of passengers on trains is four times that. Also, Japanese trains have the most accurate time in the world. Because the time is accurate, even if you change trains, you can change trains accurately in a short time. Japanese people don’t use cars for commuting because they can’t read the time accurately.

You can easily go anywhere in Japan by train. Therefore, if you are near the station, there is no problem even if you have a house far from your place of employment or commercial facility. However, during commuting hours, the number of passengers on the railroad is large and it is crowded. The Japanese are accustomed to the lifestyle of riding a crowded train.

(Age of the house)

Secondly, the newness of a house is based on the age of the building, but the “newness of the interior” is important. Even a new building will get dirty in a few years without interior work. On the other hand, even in an old building, if the interior work is done, it will be a beautiful and comfortable living space.

Also, during the 1980s and 1990s, there was a real estate bubble in Japan. There was a time when real estate prices were the highest in the world. Luxury condominiums built during this period have very high grade buildings. Even a small item such as a doorknob is completely different in price. Buildings built after 2000 no longer use such high-end building materials.


(Insulation, soundproofing)

Third, the most important point of a good house is “insulation”. Japan has hot summers and cold winters. Even with air conditioning, the comfort of a house is completely different between a building with high insulation and a building with low insulation.

Next to “insulation”, “soundproofing” is also an important point.

(Building management service)

Finally, I would like to emphasize that the most important point in rental properties is the state of property management. There are owners and real estate management companies that care about the details of buildings and rooms. Even if the property is new, it is not comfortable if it is poorly managed. On the other hand, even if the property is old, it is very comfortable if the property is properly repaired and cleaned by the owner or real estate management company.

Autumn leaves of Eikando in Kyoto

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November in Japan is the season for autumn leaves. The leaves of the maple tree are colored. It turns yellow at first, then gradually turns red, and finally turns bright red.

In Japanese, there is the word Akibare. On a clear autumn day, the sky is blue and makes you feel refreshed. “Aki” means autumn. “bare” means a clear sky. A sunny autumn day is suitable for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. This day was also Akibare’s day. The sky was a beautiful blue color.

The bright red autumn leaves shine in the blue sky. The color contrast is very beautiful.

Eikan-do in Kyoto is the most popular tourist destination in Japan for the autumn colors. The design of the Zen Japanese-style garden further enhances the beauty of the autumn leaves.

Please enjoy the best autumn leaves in Japan.



By | Interior Coordinate

ฤดูร้อนนี้ร้อนมาก แต่อุณหภูมิจะค่อยๆลดลงในเดือนตุลาคมและในช่วงสัปดาห์นี้ก็หนาวขึ้นอย่างกะทันหัน

ดังนั้นจึงจำเป็นต้องปรับผ้าพันคอสำหรับฤดูหนาว มีวิธีปรับฟูกสำหรับฤดูร้อน→ฟูกสำหรับฤดูใบไม้ร่วง→ฟูกสำหรับฤดูหนาว แต่ถ้าอุณหภูมิลดลงอย่างกะทันหันฉันคิดว่าควรปรับครั้งเดียวดีกว่าเช่นฟูกสำหรับฤดูร้อน→ฟูกสำหรับ ฤดูหนาว. ..

ตอนนี้ให้ฉันอธิบายเกี่ยวกับฟูก IKEA ฟูก IKEA ให้ความอบอุ่นด้วยวงกลม วงกลมสีน้ำเงินหมายถึง “สำหรับฤดูร้อน” วงกลมสีแดงหมายถึง “สำหรับฤดูหนาว” ตัวเลขที่มีวงกลมแสดงถึงระดับความอบอุ่น ฟูกที่มีวงกลมสีแดงหนึ่งวงเหมาะสำหรับฤดูใบไม้ร่วง ฟูกที่มีวงกลมสีแดงสามวงเป็นฟูกฤดูหนาวที่อบอุ่นมาก

ฟูก IKEA ได้รับการออกแบบเพื่อให้คุณสามารถรวมฟูกที่มีวงกลมสีน้ำเงินเพียงวงเดียวและฟูกที่มีวงกลมสีแดงเพียงวงเดียวเพื่อทำฟูกกันหนาวที่อบอุ่น

ฟูกฤดูร้อน + ฟูกฤดูใบไม้ร่วง = ฟูกฤดูหนาว

อุณหภูมิในญี่ปุ่นจะลดลงอย่างกะทันหันนับจากนี้ ชาวญี่ปุ่นจำนวนมากมักจะป่วยเพราะไม่สามารถรักษาอุณหภูมิที่เปลี่ยนแปลงได้ กรุณาอุ่นฟูกของคุณเพื่อเตรียมพร้อมสำหรับฤดูหนาว

Futon in winter

By | Interior Coordinate

It was very hot this summer, but the temperature gradually dropped in October, and it has suddenly become cold from this week.

Therefore, the comforter needs to be adjusted for winter. There is a way to adjust the futon for summer → the futon for autumn → the futon for winter, but if the temperature drops so suddenly, I think that it is better to adjust it once, such as the futon for summer → the futon for winter. ..

Now, let me explain about IKEA futons. IKEA futons show warmth with a circle. The blue circle means “for summer”. The red circle means “for winter”. The number marked with a circle indicates the level of warmth. Futons with one red circle are suitable for autumn. Futons with three red circles are very warm winter futons.

IKEA futons are designed so that you can combine a futon with only one blue circle and a futon with only one red circle to make a warm winter futon.

Summer futon + autumn futon = winter futon.

The temperature in Japan will suddenly drop from now on. Many Japanese tend to get sick because they cannot keep up with changes in temperature. Please warm your futon in preparation for the cold winter.